1 FreeBitcoin (i)

FreeBitco.in is in business since 2013 and are one of the most popular bitcoin websites. FreeBitco.in have paid out tens of thousands of bitcoins over the years. FreeBitco.in have also published proof of their mining operation. Registered users can use their browser to passively mine and earn bitcoins.

Can I make here $500-$800 in bitcoins every week? YES, but will you earn so much immediately after registration – NO. It is necessary to practice.On the site every hour an equivalent of $ 200 in bitcoins is played(FREE BTC). Dial a certain amount and use them for practice.Each person has his own individual character.Identify the tactics that are intrinsic to you.  For example, one person picks up 3% a day and spends a few minutes per hour, another person sits for several hours and picks up to 50% of his bitcoins volume.
Try the following methods.
Doubling method :
You will need to calculate based on your amount of satosh, with what rate you can double.For example, at a bet of 0.00000010
, you must have at least 0.00040960 in your account. As the community says more than 13 losses in a row, no one had, so double your bet until you win. After having won LO, press HI and vice versa.
Earn Bitcoin

Waiting method :

Set the minimum bid. Increase PAYOUT from 2 to 4. Press LO (or HI) until 5 times in a row do not lose. Reduce PAYOUT from 4 to 2 and increase your bid (∨), so double your bet until you win.Earn Bitcoins

Determine the amount of money that you are willing to risk, deposit them into the account and start earning.
If anything is worth trying at all, it’s worth trying at least 10 times. 

 May the Force be with you!